Jeremy Drake

Jeremy Drake

Senior Pastor

Jeremy grew up in a Christian home and has been involved in church ministry most of his life. He grew up near the town of Lincoln, Missouri, in the heart of the Ozarks, where his parents founded and pastored Abundant Life Christian Center for 15 years. He graduated from High School in Cole Camp, MO and then attended two different Bible Colleges – World Evangelism College in Baton Rouge, LA and Christian Life College in Mount Prospect, IL.

Jeremy began ministering regularly in his home church at the age of 18 and at age 19 received ministry credentials with Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association (An international nondenominational fellowship of ministers and missionaries).

Jeremy has a strong desire to bridge the gap between “believers” and the “un-churched” and continues to stay culturally relevant by using biblical, modern means of worship. Jeremy loves God’s Word and teaches it in a way that is applicable and easy to understand. His mission is to free believers from the traditions of men that are contrary to the Bible.

Music is a large part of Jeremy’s life as he is an accomplished musician and singer.  He thoroughly enjoys the sport of ice hockey and he is a loyal St. Louis Blues fan.

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Ryan Ballard

Ryan Ballard

Assoicate Pastor | Director of Student Ministry

Ryan Ballard grew up in Collinsville in a loving, Christian home. He is a graduate from Collinsville High School where he was very active in athletics and other extracurricular activities. After high school he attended Murray State University in Kentucky where he met his wife, Ashley. After his freshman year he was contacted by his sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Lochmann. She invited him to chaperone a mission trip. On this trip Ryan felt he was called to work in youth ministry. He then transferred to Concordia University Chicago and studied theology with a focus in youth ministry.

Ryan has worked in youth ministry in Collinsville since 2011. Ryan felt a calling to pursue ordination while he was working as a youth director at a church with a vacancy in the pastoral office. In April of 2012, Ryan was ordained along with Pastor Blake Weber. He was then installed as the Pastor of Student Ministries at CenterPointe Church in August of 2012.

Ryan’s passion is for youth to come to know the truth of God’s unending love. Ryan wants our young men and women to be instilled with the Hope given to us through our Lord Jesus Christ. He wants our students to live their lives guided by the Holy Spirit and then for them to become men and women of God. This is the greatest thing that will ever happen in their lives!

Ryan is not alone in his Ministry. He was married to his wife Ashley in May of 2010. Ashley is Ryan’s biggest supporter and is also very active in the ministry. She is from Belleville, IL and is a graduate from Belleville West High School and Murray State University.

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Blake Weber

Blake Weber

Assoicate Pastor

Blake Weber was born in 1987. He has grown up in church around his hometown of Collinsville, IL. For many years he was a competitive soccer player. After graduating from Collinsville High School, he moved to California for a year to go to Concordia University, Irvine, a Christian College in Orange County.

Blake has had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home with very supportive and loving family members. He admits that they have helped to shape who he has become today. Although he attended college at a Christian university, he claims that it wasn’t until he returned home under the teaching of Pastor Jeremy Drake that he was ever inspired to start reading the Bible himself. Since then, he has aspired to know what Scripture says in order to explain and defend God and his inspired Word.

All of these events brought Blake to the realization that he desires to get a degree in theology. In 2012, he started Bible school again at Atlanta Bible College where he is on track to graduate with his degree in Spring of 2013. If there is anything that he desires, its to be a part of a church where people are growing as believers internally as well as externally. He wants to see himself along with the people around him grow in their relationship with God, understanding of the Bible, prayer life, the fruits of the spirit, and manifestations of the spirit. All of this should lead to growth externally where more people are being touched by Christ as well as coming to a knowledge of the Kingdom and their belief in Jesus.

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