You’ve heard the story – or maybe you’ve lived it.  A couple begins attending a local church.  They enjoy the music, and like the sermons just fine.  After a few months or so the pastor, or perhaps an elder, approaches them about formalizing their affiliation with the church in membership.  But they either politely decline or become squeamishly uncomfortable, or maybe even take offense.  The pastor trots out a few of the attractive new programs in which they could be involved, and mentions a few of the tantalizing youth activities that might make them reconsider their place on the fence, to no avail.  A month later they leave, in search of a more comfortable anonymity.

Many pastors are pressured to treat people like consumers, and so they rig up various props and programs designed to entice and attract.  Indeed, in many churches there is little discussion at all regarding the biblical attachment and obligations of local church membership.  Not surprisingly, when many regular attenders look at the lives of church members, they don’t see anything very different.  The members may have gone through an initial class and may attend faithfully, but non-members can attend just as often, and are usually served in many of the same ways.

Is there a clear biblical model for emphasizing membership in the local church?
What does it mean to be a member of our church?
So what distinguishes a member from a regular attender?
Why is it better to be a member than simply a regular attender?
What is it that potential members are asked to commit themselves to?
How are members asked to live out that commitment in practical ways?

Membership Qualifications

The membership of this corporation shall consist of all persons who shall voluntarily subscribe to the Fundamental Truths of the corporation, and meet the following qualifications:
1.        Must be 18 years or older.
2.        Believe that the Holy Bible is the Word of God.
3.        Accept, believe in, and rely on Jesus Christ for Salvation.
4.        Confess his or her faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.
5.        Commit to participate faithfully in an area of ministry in the church.
6.        Support the church financially with offerings.
7.        Submit to the authority of the Presbytery and to the discipline of the church.
8.        Strive to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord and in obedience to the Bible.
9.        Complete all membership classes of the church (if in operation).

Membership is an established agreement of commitment between each individual believer and the congregation of CenterPointe Church.  It holds with it an obligation to discipleship, love, and support according to the commands of Christ.

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