Every church, whether denominational or nondenominational, is different and unique.  Each church reflects the personality, passion, and  character of it’s leadership.  While all churches seek to fulfill the great commission of Jesus to make disciples, each church has an area of ministry in which they excel to see that commission accomplished.

Some churches excel at children’s ministry.  Maybe the pastor used to be a children’s ministry leader and therefore his passion for kids reflects on the rest of the church.  Maybe the pastor is a musician and is involved in the music of the church therefore that church will probably excel in worship music. Some churches have a stronger passion for evangelism, community service, etc and therefore excel in that area more than others.  The point is that while all churches are to do all of those things, each one is like a fingerprint… they are all different.

At CenterPointe, our first passion is teaching the Bible.  We feel that God has equipped CPC with many leaders who share this passion, therefore teaching people to be students of the Bible is a byproduct of this kind of leadership.  Many who attend CPC for any length of time testify that they have grown in their knowledge of the Bible more than at any time in their walk with Christ.  This passion for becoming equipped in the knowledge of Scripture is reflected in all of our ministry groups.